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Massdirge is dense, black, dimensional sound born of universal energy with meditative applications. The blackness and potentially grim aesthetics should not be presumed as superficially negative or depressive. On the contrary, they vibrate at a certain frequency that for me represents home, nourishment, reconnecting to the source of all matter of which we are each a part. The black void is our physical cosmic universe (or multiverse) whether manifested as black holes, dimensional planes, or the total pervasive space itself elsewhere and in between in addition to the spirit worlds hidden beneath veils. This is synthesis, harnessing energies for positive progression while occupying an alternate space. If you think the audio simply sounds cool, there is value in that too.

Listening to the material with full attention via sound equipment capable of reproducing the essential low frequencies will enable a fuller experience. From two thousand sixteen onward, compositions on each album appear in the order of their conception. Negative space is not only intentional but paramount. In the beginning, there was only silence. Embrace the still.


Massdirge performances are solo spontaneous improvisation with only a basic preparation of some percussive snippets to trigger manually in tandem with performing other live instrumentation. Therefore, performances can vary significantly in their content and presentation. No computers or static backing are ever used. That would be counter-intuitive in every sense of the phrase to the mission of intuitive channeling within each moment.


All content © two thousand seventeen. Massdirge is created by David Doktor for Dimensionalineage.